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On this page you will find press articles related to my past, present and future events. Sorry, most of the articles are in French.

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WareWolf. 04/10/2010
QR Codes Exhibition in Landerneau
Two articles in the local newspapers regarding the first exhibition of my work as a photographer.

WareWolf. 27/10/2012
COURTS AU BAR ! in Paris
No articles were published regarding this touring short movies festival that I organised in parisian pubs until mid-2006.
The recipe was simple : No competition. No selection. A program showing about ten movies per session, in the presence of the directors, technical crews and actors, whenever possible. Debates with the public. A website presenting the movies and the teams, including the curriculums of the directors, actors and technicians.

WareWolf. 04/10/2010
Management of 3 concerts a month in Landerneau
From mid-2006 to 2009 it represented over 400 concerts... A few articles in the local newspapers (in French).
All musical styles were introduced, from celtic folk to heavy metal or electro and techno, as you can see on a selection of posters and flyers


Posters and Flyers

WareWolf. 04/10/2010

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