Who is WareWolf ? Why WareWolf.fr ?
WareWolf.fr presents my artistic activities.
WareWolf is the alias I use as a photographer, graphic and visual artist.

You will find my graphic and photographic work in the Portfolio as well as my work as a concert organiser in the Press section, for the concerts that had some coverage in local newspapers. The Links will take you to my friends' websites, mostly musicians, or to places I like on the web. The News page presents my latest work as well as the changes to this website.

WareWolf. 04/10/2010
Copyright and other preliminary clarifications...
All contents of the WareWolf.fr website are copyrighted.
This means that you cannot use any of this website's content without asking me beforehand and, most importantly, without my written permission. If you wish to get my consent, my e-mail address is on the Contact page.

If you want to use any of my photos or graphic creations in a non-commercial way, i.e. for a charity or non-profit organisation, Contact me and we will work something out together.
On the other hand, if you wish to use any of my creations in a commercial or promotional way, if you want to get High Resolution or printed copies of my work (you'll only find Low Resolution photos and graphics on WareWolf.fr), once again, Contact me.

I hope that you will enjoy your visit despite these legal clarifications. : )

WareWolf. 04/10/2010

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